Laundry Management..Tips to get you love “laundrying”

Laundry Management

How many of us love laundry? Anyone? No?

Don’t be surprise, I love laundry. Laundry management has been so effective Laundry management has been so effective to me that I just couldn’t wait the day to settle the pile of clothes to wash, dry, fold, hang, iron and put it away for my family to wearto me that I just couldn’t wait the day to settle the pile of clothes to wash, dry, fold, hang, iron and put it away for my family to wear. Wonder what is the secret? Delegate and set the time for each task. Let me walk you through the processes. Ready?

Limit your laundry baskets to 2 baskets around the house..or 3 only

Wonder why? Don’t you think walking around your house with laundry baskets placed in every bedroom plus laundry room plus (sometimes in bathrooms too!) is not tiring? I don’t know about you, could be it is good to exercise but for me when time is concern, I would rather find the most efficient way for me to function in my own environment. Place it at the center of where the activities involving clothes are likely to happen. I have 1 basket in between my kitchen and changing room downstairs where it is the most strategic place for my children to dump in their school and dirty clothes after coming back from school and play. It is near to the washing machine as well. Don’t forget to stand by their towels to wrap their bodies. This way, I will not have to go upstairs to pick up the dirty clothes in 3 different rooms. Second place where I put the basket is, upstairs, in the middle of our family room. This basket will only be filled during weekend. So, this basket is normally empty during weekdays. You should also consider the size of the baskets where you place it.

Set the day to wash the clothes, limit it to 2 times a week

You see, I use LIMIT word 2 times. Limit the basket, limit the day..because that is the whole idea. When you minimize your tasks to the most efficient way, you will find that limiting things are the key to making sure you are organized and happy! I wash only 2 times a week. So, my other tasks like folding, ironing, keeping it inside the wardrobe are very minimal. If only I crossed this rules, I will not be happy.

Delegate the laundry processes to your family members

Do you know what it means? Let us list down the laundry processes. Wash, dry, pick-up, fold, iron, place it in wardrobe or hang. 6 steps equivalent to 3-4 hours of laundrying. I can skip collecting dirty clothes since all the clothes will only be in 2 places. Even that, I already delegated to all family members including my 5-year-old son. Washing..that is the washing machine job. Drying..if you have dryer, then that is the dryer’s job. But if you dry your clothes under the sun, you have to hang it outside. That would be joint tasks between me and my husband. 2 adults and 3 kids clothes, you can imagine how many to hang. Next, picking-up is my 9-year-old daughter’s job or sometimes my husband’s. Folding, my job..I will fold the clothes right away after picking up to save time. I fold while watching my favorite crime scene series on television, drinking coffee while having a good chat with my family. Sounds good huh? Then, job but only 1 day in a week. I don’t fold those clothes for ironing. I just hang them. Saved me a number of clothes to fold. Placing it in wardrobe, again, my 9-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son will put their clothes themselves while for mine & my husbands, my husband will put it away. There you go, everybody in the house are responsible for their clothes and your tasks is very LIMITED.

Group the clothes for 1 week for each child

Here’s the thing..My schooling children will have 5 to 10 pairs of school uniforms each. While my 5-year-old son goes to a nursery where they change clothes 3 times a day. Could you imagine how many clothes I deal with every week? Not counting my husband’s office attire, my office attire and so on. How do I manage these clothes? Like most housewives, I will iron all 5 days school and office wearing during weekend. Plus, I will also manage all 7 days nightwear for all my kids, including the undies. Putting them in 3 different baskets (I am planning to upgrade to small clothes organizer) and place it in the changing room. This way, they will not mess up the wardrobe just to find their pajamas or day wear. Again, I will iron all clothes while watching my favorite television series. You see, you can have your mini rest while doing your house chores. You just have to find the opportunity to do so.

By planning and organizing my children’s 7 days school and day wear in one place, they have limited access to their wardrobe and the tendency of getting nightmare when opening children’s wardrobe is also minimized.

My family is well aware that once I have the clothes in front of the television, it is time for mommy to watch her movie or TV series. They’ll tolerate because they know that’s the only time to mommy to catch up her breath.

Try can train your toddler as young as 3 years old to put their own clothes into laundry basket. It’ll help a lot.

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10 Back to School checklist

10 Back To School Checklist

November. December.

Back To School.

Too soon to talk about back to school isn’t it? But for me, no. For school need, I would have planned from January every year. Why?

Back to school items took quite a big portion of my expenses every year. I have 3 school kids and the worst part is I have to buy new essentials every year. Books, uniforms, stationeries and much more. My friends, mothers mostly will ask for my checklist to check their children’s back to school list. I think because normally I would list EVERYTHING I do and plan to do EVERYDAY. To get the full list of school essentials, probably I could come up with my e-book for this topic.

In this post, I would touch on 10 items you should never exclude from your checklist.


Of course, this is compulsory for most countries especially Asia. If your child is a school prefect or librarian, please make sure you get the correct color code from school administration. You don’t want to re-purchase a uniform just because you forgot to check with the administration. Still considered as uniform, the veil, skull cap, sampin, shoes, socks, school badge and others are also compulsory to all school children in Malaysia.

How to make sure you don’t miss the uniforms and accessories?

Start thinking of your body. Starting from your head, what do you need to wear? Down to your upper torso, further down to you lower torso and finally your feet. You probably won’t miss a thing by thinking this way.

Oh, one more thing. Physical Education attire. Make sure you check it out and buy early. Most schools have their own PE attire and you don’t need to buy them outside. It’s a waste of money if you bought a white shirt and a track bottom from outside school but end up your child will not wear it.


Also compulsory.

Check with the school administration when will the school bookstore opens. Or check out school FB or website to make sure you are aware when they start to sell school books and plan the day to visit the school bookstore. Spare some time to check the book list before you buy them. You might need to take half day off to buy school books. Parents will be queuing up and trust me, your 30 minutes chores can last for 2 hours if you plan to buy at the very last minute. Or even worst, some stocks will not be available and your children will be frustrated in class when all of his or her friends brought complete set of book while your child is not. Think of their psychological condition.


My favorite part of planning for back to school essentials…I can do this multiple times a month…

My favorite items of all. There are plenty of things to buy and you should better list them one by one or you’ll end up visiting bookstores more than 10 times before the school starts. Pencils, erasers, rulers, glues, scissors, color pencils, will be a LOOOOONG list if I list them all here. Noticed that I put “s” at the back of all items? Yes..I mean it. Buy more than 10 of each item especially if your child JUST gets to know school world. My daughter lost her eraser every week to her friends. Should I say LOST? No..actually she GAVE it with her full consent to her friends. I think she probably trying to be generous or so. I don’t know. Maybe so.


Money. Not my favorite subject, so I’ll just cut it short. Make sure you check with your children’s school when is the deadline for registration fees or PTA? when to pay the deposit for booking? When is the last day to pay for full payment? What exactly that you are paying for? And DO NOT FORGET to keep all the receipts systematically.

I experienced it once. I already paid the PTA fees in January but in December, I received an official letter that I do not pay the PTA fees. You might be angry and upset if you have nothing to prove that you have settled all the fees. I was a bit surprise since I am NOT, I repeat NOT the kind of person who does not pay my loan or my installments on time. I keep all the record with me in proper files. Lucky me, I am able to prove that I have no outstanding payment with the school and my daughter will not be punished (like..not being able to sit for her exam or will not receive her certificates) if I don’t pay.

So, make sure you list down all the fees you need to pay before the deadlines given by the school.


How do you plan for your children’s logistics? You’ll drive them to school or the school bus? Self-pick up or school bus? What about if your children stop for lunch and change for his or her 2nd session of school? Who is going to pick and send them? It would be easier if you’re a housewife. But if you are not, you need to plan their movement and monitor them for at least the first week when the school opens. Just make sure you show them the school bus plate number, the driver’s name and get the  driver’s phone number. Also, get them recognize the passengers, same age boys or girls so that these kids could remind the driver if your children are not on the bus.


Safety and information about your children

Some people might think that this is not safe since strangers could recognize our child’s name. But, I find it useful if your child has a chronic disease or needed medical treatment when she is at school. Children with eczema, asthma, epilepsy would need special treatment or at least, the teachers should be aware of his or her health condition.

You could prepare a small business sized card and write your child’s name, age, blood type and health condition on one page. While at the back of the card, you could list yours and your spouse’s contact number in case of any emergency. Or one page will do. Laminate it and put it in their wallet or purse or clip it somewhere on his or her bag, up to you. You can make it by yourself.


Malaysian school children will receive loan textbooks every year. In other words, not in good conditions. I personally would recommend you to wrap each book and make sure you have extra wrappers. There are so many textbooks plus activity books plus dictionaries plus exercise books to wrap every year. Or in my son’s case, every month..sigh…

I would suggest buying the ready-to-wrap wrapper and of high quality. So that you don’t have to wrap them every month. I just happen to have a very rough son, thus, I wrap his exercise books every month.

Textbooks and activity books
Wrap the textbooks. The book will live longer..


What if it rains? How do you pack their lunches? How do you make sure they don’t forget their homework or they need to remind you what their teachers told them?

Raincoat. Extra but I personally think it is important for the children especially when they commute by bus and no nannies to pick them up if it rains.

Lunchbox. If you don’t provide them lunch, then you probably give them money. So, buy them a wallet or purse.

Handkerchief. You don’t want to see ketchup sauce or ice cream stains on the uniforms, do you? Or you would rather brush them every weekend? If no is your answer, provide them a handkerchief and remind them every day to use them. Some children have been trained at a very young age, so they are used to it. My daughter is the kind who wipe her mouth with the tip of her clothes while my son is the kind of person who washes his hand every time he touches his food. 2 very different person in one roof huh? But nevertheless, I will prepare the handkerchiefs every day and remind both of them to use it.

Small notebook – Some children just mark their homework in the book itself but they tend to forget. My daughter came home from school one fine day, crying over frustration that she forgot to do her homework and she was 7 that time. I didn’t notice at that time that she has a very serious perspective about completing a task given by her teacher. I guessed she must be ashamed that all of her classmates did their homework while she didn’t.

So, I bought her a small notebook and teach her how to use it. She can either write her homework or she could also make it as her diary. Now she is 9 and she still have her notebook in her school bag. She has started a to write an essay about many things inside her notebooks.


Normally, I’ve bought activity books for my children in December. Just to make them feel comfortable with their new environment, new books and new subjects to learn. I would go through the topics in the textbooks with them. Just telling them stories about what is going to happen, what to expect when the real deal comes. I’ll try to get them ready but telling them how the kids around him grow and he must not act like he is in kindergarten. Get them to hold the money, explained to them the value and teach them the do’s and don’ts at school, tell them about strangers and other values they should know as they are stepping into the real world soon.


Early, I mean it.

Money is one thing but the other things that matters are the psychological part of it, to manage expectations and much more.

Start to prepare your children whether he is a new student or a returning student to be prepared for his or her new life at least 6 months ahead. You also have to manage your own expectation and fear. Start early.

It is now April. If you haven’t planned for back to school funds or expectations, think again.


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